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March 10, 2023

I Used My Bonus Method to train ChatGPT to Write Content in Shakespear's Style:

Get The World's Greatest Copywriters to Write for You?

There's nothing else quite like this. I've figured out a custom prompt to force ChatGPT to write in the style of any writer imagineable. All You need is a sample of their writing and this will work. Nobody else has this. It's my custom creation.

This really can and should be a product all its own (and it will be soon) but for now, you can grab this method with full PLR rights!

So What is This Thing Anyway?

Mega Mail Out 2.0 is a very simple concept — send emails to tens of thousands of potential buyers to build your own list. Dawud helps you to automate the whole system. 



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A simple way to build your own list!

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[NEW!] Nobody else has this! I have found a way to train ChatGPT to use whatever content you provide as a sample which can be used to create custom made content. 

You can literally use any copywriter you can think of. I even trained ChatGPT to create content in the style of Shakespeare! 

Plus, I show you how to maximize Michael Cheney’s new ChatGPT hack!

Comes with full PLR rights so you can sell this, give it away, use as your own and or rebrand.


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