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September 22, 2023

I took Barb and Dennis' idea and made it foolproof and totally done for you!

Make a Complete eBook In Seconds?

Barb and Dennis show you an old school method for creating an eBook from scratch -- they show you what they call the 10x10 Matrix method. But then they took it part of the way to use AI to make it easier. I took it the rest of the way and made it totally done for you!

So What is This Thing Anyway?

Barb and Dennis are going to show you the 10×10 matrix for creating a product from scratch. It’s a great method but it’s old school. I asked myself, could I totally automate the process with AI? And I did it! My custom bonus shows what and how I did it. 



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Look below the surface and this is incredible stuff!

My Bonus Included FREE When You Grab It from Me:


[NEW!] Barb and Dennis show you how to use the 10×10 Matrix to create a complete eBook fast. But I took it to the next level and just made a brand new course showing how to automate the process completely with ChatGPT. I’ll even show you how to: 

  • Come up with ideas instantly 

  • Create the 10×10 Matrix Automatically 

  • Force ChatGPT to Write In a Particular Style 

  • Make the Images for the eBook Make the Mockup Instantly

This course now comes with full PLR rights so you can sell this, give it away, use as your own and or rebrand.


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[NEW!] What if you didn’t need to compete? What if you had a huge list of marketplaces to sell your eBooks on? Exclusively from me!


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