Use AI to Make It In Minutes and Sell for Hundreds of Bucks?

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February 13, 2023

Become a Published Musician Without Knowing Anything about Music?

Alessandro is going to show you, step by step exactly how to create music with several AI tools and I'll show you how to get them onto all the streaming platforms for free!

So What is This Thing Anyway?

Exactly what it sounds like — Alessandro has done it again, showing you step by step exactly how to create a custom song using ChatGPT and a few other systems. You can then sell your creation and even get paid for it. Plus, you don’t need to know a thing about creating music or how to sing. 



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Become a professional music artist? Yes Please!

My Bonus Included FREE When You Grab It from Me:


[NEW!] Exclusively from me! 

Done for you gig ad — sell this as a service. You can easily charge $50-$100 to create custom written music lyrics for a song on Fiverr or Konker. 

And with a few simple prompts that Alessandro shows you, it takes just minutes to make. 

Now, you don’t even have to figure out how to advertise this service. I took care of it for you.

I wrote the gig ad for you and I even wrote the questions you need to ask. 

Offer to have someone sing it and or add background music for an extra charge.

Value: $997

[NEW!] Exclusively from me! 

Once you make your music, let me show you how to get it onto 16 major streaming platforms completely for free! 

Become an instant, published music artist with this and nobody else has it! 

Platforms include:


  • Spotify 

  • Tidal 

  • Amazon Music 

  • Apple Music 

  • Deezer 

  • Shazam 

  • YouTube Music 

  • Pandora 

  • Audiomack 

  • IHeartRadio 

  • Tencent 

  • Boomplay 

  • KKBox 

  • 7Digital 

  • Resso 

  • Netease

Value: $497

[NEW!] Let me show you a FREE ChatGPT alternative. This is NOT Jasper and it’s not a free trial

This is free for life (they have a paid upgrade but the basic tier is fully functional and free for life)! 

It includes so much more than ChatGPT includes and I demonstrate exactly how to use the system, including long form articles created instantly, copywriting, image generation, even voice overs — all for free. 

Nobody else has this but me. 

Includes PLR rights on the video course — sell it, give it away, use as your own bonus!

 Value: $1497

[NEW!] Perfect audio recordings? I mean text to speech so good you literally can’t tell it’s made by an AI! 

I’ll show you how to do it for free! This website has a free for life option. Not free trial. Free for life!

Watch the video above to hear the system instantly generate a pitch perfect recording of the Gettysburg Address and see the difference between this system and a more common text to speech system!

 Value: $497

[NEW!] Make anyone say anything?

Please only use this ethically but you can quite literally sample anyone’s voice and have them say whatever you want them to say. 

Sell this as a service on websites like Fiverr for example where grandma can wish her grandson happy birthday even though she passed on. 

Watch the review video above to hear an instantly created recording of President Obama reading the Gettysburg Address — generated live as I was recording the video. 

No corrections. 

I’ll even show you how to grab audio clips to use and how to clean them up for use with this system!

 Value: $497