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Automate Creating Prompts and Then Sell Them for a Profit!
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July 5, 2023

Instantly Create Very Detailed Prompts?

Instantly Create Prompts to Sell for Hundreds of Dollars?

There is an arms race on right now to figure out the best ways to take advantage of systems like ChatGPT and Midjourney - how to get exactly what you want from them.

Alessandro has figured out how to craft the right kinds of prompts and he'll show you how and where to sell them.

Then I took it a step further to automate the whole process!

So What is This Thing Anyway?

The course is broken down into three parts — how to create winning prompts and how to sell on two different marketplaces.  It’s simple and highly effective. 



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A real way to make money online!

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[NEW!] I just found another AI system which will analyze your offers on Etsy and other platforms for custom prompts (or anything else really).


My exclusive guide to how to use this platform to improve your ads is now included as well.  

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[NEW!] Nobody else has this! I did tons of research and found four different websites that will automate the creation of detailed prompts. 

Check the video above to see some of them in action — these sites will create elaborate prompts in seconds based on exactly what you want from places like ChatGPT and Midjourney and they take away 98% of the tedium of creating them from scratch. 

Just put in the most basic of prompts and watch these system work like magic! 

You can even turn around and sell these newly created prompts for mega bux!

Comes with full PLR rights so you can sell this, give it away, use as your own and or rebrand.


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[NEW!] I just did the research to find 5 more marketplaces to sell prompts on! Beat the competition with my exclusive list!


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